About Wes

Kentucky Born. Kentucky Raised.
True Kentucky.


Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing more of my story and positions as our campaign moves along, but I thought it was most important to let you know where I stand on the important things.

I’m a Christian conservative that believes life is precious, the truth is best, even when it hurts, and that the constitution is the final authority when making decisions on the direction our country takes, and for Kentucky. I’m a former state representative and have learned what happens when you cross the power hungry in our political system…which brings me to why I’m running.

I’m running because Mitch McConnell embodies everything that is perverted in Washington D.C., and things must change. Whether it’s smoke filled back room deals, the good ole’ boy club, lobby payoffs or dark money, if you can dream it, our sitting Senator has been there. His current fundraising efforts have taken him all over the country, so you have to wonder, does he have Kentucky’s best interests in mind or his donors from California?

I’m an original trump supporter, not just when it’s been politically convenient. Mitch McConnell fought Donald Trump hard. Even though we’ve been able to confirm good conservative judges recently, that’s not been something McConnell should be able to lay claim to. That doesn’t erase the 30 years of little being accomplished and not fulfilling on his promises (Still waiting on that Obamacare repeal that you’ve put off again Senator McConnell)

It’s time we take Kentucky back and I’m ready to do everything I can to beat Mitch McConnell. He’s bad for our country and he’s bad for Kentucky.

 I would appreciate your support and donations to help fund our efforts. If you have $1, $5, or $10, every little bit will help to go fight the monumental battle we have coming. 

Wesley Morgan